Havoline Eco 5 Fully Synthetic Petrol Engine Oil 4L SAE 0W-20


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Product Details

Brand: Caltex
Product Name: Havoline Eco 5 Fully Synthetic Oil SAE 0W-20
Weight: 4 Ltrs
Weight: Oil Weight 0W-20
Container Type: Plastic Bottle
Color: Varies depending on specification
Physical State: Liquid
Odor: Petroleum odor
High Mileage Formula: Yes
Oil Composition: Eco 5 Fully Synthetic
Oil Type: Gasoline Engine Oil
SAE Oil Weight: 0W-20
Standards: API Service Categories: SN
Shipping Information: —Self-catering-Dhaka

Havoline® ProDS Fully Synthetic ECO 5 is a resource conserving, multigrade gasoline engine oil formulated with synthetic base oils for use in passenger car and light truck engines requiring low viscosity, ILSAC GF-5 or SN PerformanceHavoline ProDS Fully Synthetic ECO 5 SAE 0W-20 lubricants.

Synthetic Oil Specially designed for eco cars and hybrids, specifically the ILSAC GF-5 and API SN ensure maximum fuel economy. Can be used with gasohol to E85.

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  • Preserves and protects engines , including those with variable valve timing. Low viscosity, multigrade, formulation provides additional protection with internal friction engine. Enhanced corrosion protection ensures compatibility with gasoline / ethanol blended fuels up to and including E85.
  • Maintains high power and performance – Works immediately upon contact with an engine’s moving parts to create a protective coating that shields the engine against the plume that leads to loss of performance. Provides excellent control of piston and ring deposits under high temperature conditions. Special friction modifiers assist in reducing the internal engine friction for maximum fuel economy.
  • Saves on maintenance costs – Provides outstanding protection against in-service oil degradation that contributes to filtering and sludge formation in oil galleries, crankcase and valve train.

Havoline ® PRODS the Fully the ECO 5, Synthetic Is A Resource Conserving, Multigrade Gasoline Engine Oil Formulated With Synthetic Base Oils For Use In Passenger Car And Light Truck Engines Requiring Low Viscosity, ILSAC the GF-5 or Add Performance of API lubricants, the SN.

  • Naturally aspirated and turbocharged gasoline engines in passenger cars where ILSAC GF-5, API SN or earlier ILSAC or API “S” performance categories are specified.
  • Light truck gasoline engines where ILSAC GF-5, API SN or earlier ILSAC or API “S” performance categories are specified.
  • Passenger car and light truck spark ignition engines burning gasoline / ethanol blends up to and including E85.

Not recommended for use in gas-fueled (CNG or LPG) engines, diesel engines, motorcycle engines, or gasoline engines that require ACEA classified oils.